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Rusting Transfers

I am leaving in less than 2 weeks! However being amidst exams I haven’t had the opportunity to allow the reality of it fully hit me. I expect very soon though it will… Continue reading

Ceramic Cures for Hangovers 101

Sometimes there are those days where you get to bed at 3am, and wake up at 11hours later at 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes this is preceded by a not so memorable night… Continue reading

Dark Days, Terracotta Clay

Almost a month ago now, I made this small vase-shaped pot from terracotta clay. I originally painted it differently but after starting my pomegranate collection I decided to overhaul the initial design and make… Continue reading

Terracotta Trials

Took all my stuff to get bisque fired last Friday. Also picked up some fresh supplies – more underglaze paints, new tools, wire, sponges, etc etc. yay! I must admit however, that despite… Continue reading

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