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the importance of smallness

. . . Lately feeling very small, I found a friend out of nowhere one saturday afternoon three weeks ago and she advised me to change just one thing about my life. I haven’t… Continue reading

This little panda went to market..

First of all, THANKYOU to everyone that visited and especially all the precious people that actually bought things! I didn’t exactly make a killing, but at least now I know what it feels like to… Continue reading

Finished Pots

On Monday I went to pick up my finished ceramics from the kilns. Hurrah for ceramic fruition. It feels so satisfying to reach the stage of the final product. However, I am a little… Continue reading

Spots & Panda

. . . You may recall some terracotta pieces I made a couple weeks ago. They have been sitting on the shelf a little forlornly until recently. Using the same decco washes previously… Continue reading

painting plates & decorative designs

So I have been slack with posting. Where do people “bloggers” find the energy to be so proactive and consistent? I have been relatively prolific in my pottery production however. I have approximately… Continue reading

Procrastination Prompts Pots and Productivity

What can I say? I like alliteration.. It feels a little contrived to post about all the stuff I made just “recently” when in reality I made it all on Sunday.. but I’ve… Continue reading

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