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the importance of smallness

. . . Lately feeling very small, I found a friend out of nowhere one saturday afternoon three weeks ago and she advised me to change just one thing about my life. I haven’t… Continue reading

Put a Lid on It!

Here is a project from back in December. I only recently have learnt how to throw lids on the wheel and it is SUPER easy and quick and you work with a reasonably… Continue reading

Raku Handbuilding Project

Back in August I did a week-long pottery course in Ipswich, UK and one of the projects we did aside from working on the wheel was handbuilding and raku firing. Raku is a… Continue reading

Ceramic Cures for Hangovers 101

Sometimes there are those days where you get to bed at 3am, and wake up at 11hours later at 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes this is preceded by a not so memorable night… Continue reading

cups du coeur

. . . I admittedly finished these terracotta cups some weeks ago. Although finding the time to get everything fired has been remarkably difficult. I long for the day when I can afford… Continue reading

Rainbow Fish Cup

For those of you who are not familiar with the above image (and thus were deprived of a fulfilled childhood experience), The Rainbow Fish was one of my favourite picture books when I was… Continue reading

Cactus Revival

. . . This weekend I went for a quick trip to my parents’ farm near Gloucester, NSW (until recently, home to fugitive Malcolm Naden). It’s about a 4.5hr drive north of Sydney… Continue reading

Pomegranate Pots

The busyness of uni has started up again. In the space of two short weeks I have gone from mind-numbing boredom to overwhelming stress levels of trying to do everything and subsequently doing… Continue reading

This little panda went to market..

First of all, THANKYOU to everyone that visited and especially all the precious people that actually bought things! I didn’t exactly make a killing, but at least now I know what it feels like to… Continue reading

Finished Pots

On Monday I went to pick up my finished ceramics from the kilns. Hurrah for ceramic fruition. It feels so satisfying to reach the stage of the final product. However, I am a little… Continue reading

Spots & Panda

. . . You may recall some terracotta pieces I made a couple weeks ago. They have been sitting on the shelf a little forlornly until recently. Using the same decco washes previously… Continue reading

painting plates & decorative designs

So I have been slack with posting. Where do people “bloggers” find the energy to be so proactive and consistent? I have been relatively prolific in my pottery production however. I have approximately… Continue reading

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