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This little panda went to market..

First of all,¬†THANKYOU¬†to everyone that visited and especially all the precious people that actually bought things! I didn’t exactly make a killing, but at least now I know what it feels like to… Continue reading

Spots & Panda

. . . You may recall some terracotta pieces I made a couple weeks ago. They have been sitting on the shelf a little forlornly until recently. Using the same decco washes previously… Continue reading

Procrastination Prompts Pots and Productivity

What can I say? I like alliteration.. It feels a little contrived to post about all the stuff I made just “recently” when in reality I made it all on Sunday.. but I’ve… Continue reading

First Pot.

Unlikely that you have stumbled upon this by chance. More likely you have been coerced here subsequent to my unrelenting engagement with shameless self promotion via the various avenues afforded by the internet… Continue reading

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