Palatable Plates

In between ad breaks of the tennis, I am pleased to bring you a short update of the pots in pandaland. Specifically, I’ve been putting together a little collection of tapas-esque plates in… Continue reading

More than just a two-post wonder

Thought I had already tired of the novelty of blogging? Not quite yet. However the last couple of days have been somewhat unproductive and I am a strong advocate of the adage “if… Continue reading

Cups of Kinds

I have been working on a collection of cups.. or at least I am calling them ‘cups’. ┬áHere are 3 that I have so far decorated. The blue floral design is a tissue… Continue reading

First Pot.

Unlikely that you have stumbled upon this by chance. More likely you have been coerced here subsequent to my unrelenting engagement with shameless self promotion via the various avenues afforded by the internet… Continue reading

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