This little panda went to market..

First of all, THANKYOU to everyone that visited and especially all the precious people that actually bought things! I didn’t exactly make a killing, but at least now I know what it feels like to… Continue reading

Finished Pots

On Monday I went to pick up my finished ceramics from the kilns. Hurrah for ceramic fruition. It feels so satisfying to reach the stage of the final product. However, I am a little… Continue reading

Spots & Panda

. . . You may recall some terracotta pieces I made a couple weeks ago. They have been sitting on the shelf a little forlornly until recently. Using the same decco washes previously… Continue reading

Fairy Botanica

I bought a whole lot of new underglazes last week in lots of super fresh colours (yay!) Also I made a bowl with some remaining white earthenware clay I had.. instead of smoothing… Continue reading

Final stages, Further directions & Fair inspirations

. . . . . . . . . This is probably my favourite part of the whole pottery process. The final glazing. It is so relaxing in the sense that you don’t… Continue reading

Back from the Bisque

Just a little update: I picked my pieces up from the kilns today. All is good.. well, except for one plate which cracked but I wasn’t in the least surprised because I had… Continue reading

Terracotta Trials

Took all my stuff to get bisque fired last Friday. Also picked up some fresh supplies – more underglaze paints, new tools, wire, sponges, etc etc. yay! I must admit however, that despite… Continue reading

Pandas, Patterns, and things which make me Pretty Weird

source: UK Telegraph This afternoon I took to trying to finish off decorating my last couple of pieces but I suffered something vaguely equivalent to writer’s block. To be frank, I’m sick of… Continue reading

painting plates & decorative designs

So I have been slack with posting. Where do people “bloggers” find the energy to be so proactive and consistent? I have been relatively prolific in my pottery production however. I have approximately… Continue reading

Procrastination Prompts Pots and Productivity

What can I say? I like alliteration.. It feels a little contrived to post about all the stuff I made just “recently” when in reality I made it all on Sunday.. but I’ve… Continue reading

Broken Bowls, Broken Hearts

Nothing spells heartbreak, frustration, melancholia, etc etc like a broken bowl. First, you make something you’re really happy with, carefully letting it dry, then shape it, turn it, spend an hour decorating it,… Continue reading

Cups Continued

As promised, here are four more cups that I decorated last night and are somewhat the equivocal sequel to the three I made earlier. I ran out of tissue transfer in that specific pattern (naturally) so… Continue reading

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