Musing over Vic & Bert’s place (V&A 2012)

Well it has been a really long time since I wrote a blog post and this is because it has been a really long time since I was home. I’m still away from… Continue reading

Rusting Transfers

I am leaving in less than 2 weeks! However being amidst exams I haven’t had the opportunity to allow the reality of it fully hit me. I expect very soon though it will… Continue reading

Cameras and Ceramics…. Cameramics??

Making plaster moulds for slip casting has been my latest project.. above I made a three-part mould of an old camera.. once upon a time it was a rather expensive camera coveted by… Continue reading

Super Slick Slip Casting

A slightly different project, I have been experimenting with slip casting and making plaster moulds. When everything goes to plan and you achieve a highly finished result from the slip pour, this is… Continue reading

Ceramic Cures for Hangovers 101

Sometimes there are those days where you get to bed at 3am, and wake up at 11hours later at 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes this is preceded by a not so memorable night… Continue reading

cups du coeur

. . . I admittedly finished these terracotta cups some weeks ago. Although finding the time to get everything fired has been remarkably difficult. I long for the day when I can afford… Continue reading

Life in a Cressida Campbell print

It is one of my great aspirations, when I am old and indisputably wealthy, to live in a Cressida Campbell woodblock print. Maybe not literally, but there is something so luminous about her… Continue reading

Rainbow Fish Cup

For those of you who are not familiar with the above image (and thus were deprived of a fulfilled childhood experience),¬†The Rainbow Fish was one of my favourite picture books when I was… Continue reading

Cactus Revival

. . . This weekend I went for a quick trip to my parents’ farm near Gloucester, NSW (until recently, home to fugitive Malcolm Naden). It’s about a 4.5hr drive north of Sydney… Continue reading

Dark Days, Terracotta Clay

Almost a month ago now, I made this small vase-shaped pot from terracotta clay. I originally painted it differently but after starting my pomegranate collection¬†I decided to overhaul the initial design and make… Continue reading

Poppies, Hermes, and LAB oh my!

Georgia O’Keeffe, Oriental Poppies 1928 Just a little post on pulling ideas together. Above is a print of Georgia O’Keeffe’s poppies. I studied O’Keeffe in first year art history and there’s really not… Continue reading

Pomegranate Pots

The busyness of uni has started up again. In the space of two short weeks I have gone from mind-numbing boredom to overwhelming stress levels of trying to do everything and subsequently doing… Continue reading

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