Broken Bowls, Broken Hearts

Nothing spells heartbreak, frustration, melancholia, etc etc like a broken bowl. First, you make something you’re really happy with, carefully letting it dry, then shape it, turn it, spend an hour decorating it, and then in a moment of carelessness or over confident excitement you hold it too tight or 5* at the wrong angle and it snaps. In my limited experiences, it has happened far more frequently than desirable.

Alas there is very little use in shedding tears over split milk… jugs. I’m sure it happens to everyone and it’ll teach me some valuable lessons.

Lesson learnt #1
Handle the cup ‘handle’ with care. ALWAYS.

Lesson #2
Don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched (read: Don’t count your cups before they’re fired). Nothing worse than getting attached to a ball of raw clay only to have all dreams of how-nicely-this-will-look-on-my-kitchen-window-sill promptly shattered (literally).

Today is just one of those days where I am not meant to be around breakable things.

Some regressive After & Before shots. Who said Ceramics can’t be subversive?
(Really, I have no idea what I’m talking about..)

. . .

carpet is not an ideal surface to accommodate broken clay

. . .

picking up the pieces

. . .

what once was

. . .

. . .

well, c’est la vie!

x GP