Cups Continued

As promised, here are four more cups that I decorated last night and are somewhat the equivocal sequel to the three I made earlier. I ran out of tissue transfer in that specific pattern (naturally) so these are purely hand painted with the same jacaranda decco underglaze. Certain family members have expressed a disdain for the tissue transfers anyway – perhaps it does (to a degree) compromise the ‘handmade’ aesthetic? I still think they’re uber fun to experiment with.

By the way, please excuse the miserable photography.. but you get the gist of how it looks 🙂

I also have lots of other stuff that I really want to post about but it will have to wait… till tomorrow. Call me a blog amateur but like a personal diary entry, it feels almost unnatural to post more than once a day – especially when they carry independent themes/subjects.

PS. Before my ego inflates beyond control, I wanted to remember to say a little thank you to everyone who has visited my humble little blog (even if you only clicked here unsuspectingly by accident on some miscellaneous link that I’ve spammed across the internet). While blogging has partly been responsible for sustaining my motivation to keep working at this little pottery project of mine, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it symbolises my hypothetical baby HOWEVER it is extremely encouraging to hear people say nice things about it. Especially when instead of making pots I should be applying for real jobs and polishing up my resume (lol).

x GP