Palatable Plates

In between ad breaks of the tennis, I am pleased to bring you a short update of the pots in pandaland. Specifically, I’ve been putting together a little collection of tapas-esque plates in assorted proportions. Here are three which I have turned/cleaned up etc etc this afternoon. Each one features a slightly varied design on the base which has been etched into the clay when semi dry. Although extremely painstaking and time consuming (approx 40-50minutes has been thus far invested to get each plate to this stage from a ball of clay), I’m quite happy with the design and think I will eventually develop it into a collection of its own.

Note these are yet to be decorated with glaze.  Undecided about whether or not I should continue the design in painted colour on the inside face of them or not.. We will see!

exhibit (i)



(group shot)

You may notice some things resembling cups in the image above. If you recall 2 posts back, I said I wanted to make a small family of 10 cups. Well, I have been working on this gradually and a post of my progress may be anticipated shortly. Maybe tomorrow?

x GP