More than just a two-post wonder

Thought I had already tired of the novelty of blogging? Not quite yet. However the last couple of days have been somewhat unproductive and I am a strong advocate of the adage “if you have nothing nice to blog about, don’t blog at all.”

Anyway, I haven’t really made much but I fully intend to be industrious this week. I continue to be stigmatised with unemployment which makes me happy and restless at the same time. I am also horrifically sunburnt so have been trying to avoid the midday sun.

Meanwhile, I’ve been perusing various works by real-life ceramicists (ie people who have actually achieved in making money from this). Below is one of my favourite artists who I stumbled upon by chance. She is living proof that imperfectly off-centred bowls are cool.

Nathalie Derouet

These are all porcelain and I love how precious it makes her stuff look.. and all the bowls – rotund and askew with a painstakingly crooked finesse which just makes you want to cradle them in your palms.. (Does that make me sound like a weirdo?)

More posts of what I’ve been making to come so don’t grow tired of me just yet!

x GP