Cups of Kinds

I have been working on a collection of cups.. or at least I am calling them ‘cups’.  Here are 3 that I have so far decorated. The blue floral design is a tissue transfer – I did NOT draw/paint that.. I wish I did. But I didn’t. The purple line stuff is all done by my hand however.

I intend to make at least 10 of these – each a little different but all sort of in the same vein of design – lines, shape, floral tissue transfers  on some (or most), size, volume.. etc etc. I like they way they look very cosy when grouped together. Like an extended family of cups – all related, but all individual.

You’ll have to excuse my dire attempt at photography. I know it seems to be a prominent/crucial feature of most blogs (and art in general I guess) but I always remember that I need to take photos at the most inconvenient moments – usually when I am half covered in clay or paint.

At the moment I am still searching for a place to fire my work which is not in Homebush or 2 hours away from my house. Until then, I am procrastinating about getting them fired so finished product photos will have to wait. I never promised to post in any logical order!

x GP