First Pot.

Unlikely that you have stumbled upon this by chance. More likely you have been coerced here subsequent to my unrelenting engagement with shameless self promotion via the various avenues afforded by the internet and social media.

Anyway, because I am unemployed, on uni holidays, and my friends are secretly sick of hanging out with me, I have decided to start a project. (Apparently “hobbies” are passée and suggestive of pastimes not altogether constructive, enjoyable as they may be.)

However I hear blogs are trendy. You know, expressing left wing platitudes on politics, society and religion.. all the while showing off your extensive vocabulary, flair for rhetoric, and painstaking respect for correct spelling and grammar.

Or maybe I could bake lots of buttery goodies, dress up as Martha Stewart and take drool inducing photographs. But who actually ends up eating all that stuff after? Surely you can’t bake your cake and eat it too?

Well.. I got a pottery wheel for my birthday this year. Note there are some seriously amazing individuals out there all complete with their own pottery blogs (I know, wtf right?) I’m not out to even attempt at getting close to becoming an internet ceramic sensation but I figure if for no other reason, this should hold some degree of quirky entertainment value..

Combined with how destitute I am these days friends/family/distant acquaintances may anticipate many a handmade birthday present to come.. especially once I’ve exhausted all the cupboard/storage/shelf/table/level-platform-space in my own house.

Here is something I’ve been working on. Don’t get too excited! Note these have yet to be bisqued & fired but if semi successful a collection should follow in variegated versions of this design. Am however undecided as to whether I should colour all the lines..?


Bowl: scratched arcs into medium dried clay, Jacaranda DECO colour underglaze

x GP