the importance of smallness

. . . Lately feeling very small, I found a friend out of nowhere one saturday afternoon three weeks ago and she advised me to change just one thing about my life. I haven’t… Continue reading

Exhibition Invitation


If you ever type “ceramics” and “cow” into google, be prepared for a deluge of tacky barn-yard souvenir kitsch. So really, don’t try it. However, having put forward my distaste for naff miniature… Continue reading


Sydney in the warmer months has a spooky effect on streetscapes. It’s both isolating and engulfing. It’s lazy and deserted. It’s stifling and makes me very conscious of space. These photos were taken on… Continue reading

FCB Cadell

Travelling in Scotland last year, I discovered Francis Campbell Bolleau (FCB) Cadell: a Scottish painter who was active around the turn of the 20th century. His thick brushwork and progressively flat decorative surfaces are… Continue reading

Put a Lid on It!

Here is a project from back in December. I only recently have learnt how to throw lids on the wheel and it is SUPER easy and quick and you work with a reasonably… Continue reading

Egg Cups

Well, I finally got my package of ceramics from my pottery course delivered to me! I haven’t opened them all because they’re so well packaged and I have to pack them into my… Continue reading

When I grow up, I want to be Lucy Rie.

Attached to my university here in lil’ old norwich is the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, which has the most surprisingly amazing collection of works. It’s a relatively small collection by european gallery… Continue reading

Toledo Traipsing

A weekend in Madrid. A day trip to Toledo. Stumbling upon a monument and discovering the prettiest and most peaceful courtyard imaginable. And who would have imagined there would be a ceramics exhibition… Continue reading

Raku Handbuilding Project

Back in August I did a week-long pottery course in Ipswich, UK and one of the projects we did aside from working on the wheel was handbuilding and raku firing. Raku is a… Continue reading

Panda in Paris

Snaps from my summer in Paris. Many more to follow over the course of time.. these are a collection of inspirations and designs I found intriguing which I would like to be able… Continue reading

Camera Constructions

Earlier this week a couple pieces that I made for my ceramics workshop at university last semester were exhibited. Nothing particularly fancy but in my absence, my fantastic friends managed to make a cameo… Continue reading

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